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We would like to warmly welcome you to Moonbeams Class Blog! Every week we shall share some of the wonderful learning taking place in our class. We are looking forwards to sharing with you! Mrs Marsden and Mrs Bell.

W/C 14th December

This week has been very busy with lots of fun, laughter and activities to help us celebrate Christmas. On Monday morning we began our week with a Christmas activity morning, kindly funded by F.O.R.M.S whereby the children worked in three mixed aged groups aross the class to make Christmas keepsakes. Using the Curiosity Approach to inspire our crafts, the children decorated glass tealight holders, ceramic baubles and each made a Christmas wooden puppet. We hope that these lovely items will survive many a Christmas and be used in future years, helping the children remember their early educational years with us. It was a brilliant morning, full of christmas spirit!


On Wednesday, we received a very special message and ‘visit’ from Father Christmas who spoke to us via video call. We were all so excited to see him, and asked him lots of interesting questions like ‘How do you get down the small Chimney because your tummy is big and fat?’ and also ‘What did you use as a light to guide you before Rudolph?’ Some very thoughtful questions, Moonbeams! Thank you to F.O.R.M.S once again who managed to find Father Christmas’ phone number, and pass it onto Mrs Norris. We were all so pleased to see him, and he confirmed (as it was a bit of a shaky decision) that Mrs Marsden and Mrs Bell are in fact on the ‘good’ list. Phew!


On Thursday, we were treated to a Christmas online Pantomime of Cinderlla! We really enjoyed getting involved as an ‘active audience’ and booed at the villain, cooed at Cinderella, laughed at the Ugly sisters and swooned at the handsome prince! It was great fun and it made us all chuckle. What a wonderful treat for us all! this was promptly followed by a hearty Christmas lunch, and we enjoyed listening to some jolly Christmas songs as we ate our meal.

What a wonderful week to finish a very, very busy but great first term of this school year. Well done to all of the children for working so hard, thank you to all of your positive support you have given to us and the rest of the wider staff team along with your children. It is so much appreciated. And last but not least, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year. With very best wishes, Mrs Marsden and Mrs Bell. 

W/C 7th December

This week has been a very busy week. We held parent consultations for parents ofall year groups. Thank you to everyone who passed on such kind comments, thanks and praise for our wonderful staff team. They mean so much, and we are so pleased to hear how happy you are about your child’s early education. It was lovely to speak to you all via Teams!

Christmas has been building within our excitment this week and the children thoroughly enjoyed joining in the ‘National Santa Dash!’ Undeterred by the drizzly weather, we ran and ran and ran, and some even sang jingle bells on their way round. Great fun!

During our music sessions this week, the children have learnt the difference between a glockenspiel and a xylophone. We have explored the notation on both instruments and have started to learn something special for a Christmas surprise for the grown ups next week! Watch this space everyone!

And this week our special certificate goes to someone for Reach, for always trying hard regardless of the subject or topic. Well done to…

W/C 30th November

This week has seen the start of the Advent season and to help us learn more about why some people choose to follow Advent- with candles and Advent calendars- we have been learning about the birth of Jesus and the story of the First Christmas, following our Discovery R.E approach.

The children have enjoyed learning the story and learning about the Christian idea of how Jesus was sent to save us. We discussed that not everyone believes the same things- and how that is fine- but in Christianity, Christians believe Jesus was the Saviour born on Christmas day. The children thoroughly enjoyed making a puppet show to tell the story. Following this, the children thought how they as an individual brought and showed love to the world. We helped to decorate the Christmas tree which was donated so very kindly by Mr Dixon- thank you so much! Reception loved exploring the tree, investigating whether it was real or fake by exploring it with touch and smell. We saw it had wood for the trunk, and green pine needles and came to the conclusion that it was a real tree! Reception were very excited to hypothesise that the elves delivered the tree when we were all asleep and were so excited to tell Mrs Norris, our headteacher! What kind elves they are!


Also this week, we started to use a Maths based Advent calendar using Nrich. This has provided us with some very exciting problems and puzzles to solve behind the doors of an online Advent calendar. Challenges have included making squares using dotted paper against an opponent, ordering shapes by size, finding all possibilities that three different coloured baubles could be ordered and piecing together a coded 100 square. We can’t wait to see what next week’s math challenges will bring!

During our reflection assembly this week, we discussed how we have enjoyed the discovery in our learning this week. Here are some of our reflections:


Our special certificate goes to someone who has worked really hard this week, and applied himself in every area of school life; being a kind and helpful friend, trying hard in his lessons and listening carefully in lessons. Congratulations to…


W/C 23rd November

This week has provided lots of opportunities for the children to think critically by planning, investigating and recording. Building on our prior knowledge about Materials, the children enjoyed investigating whether the straw, stick and brick houses from The Three Little Pigs were wind and rain proof. The children enjoyed using these materials and tested them in small groups! Much fun was had, and squeals of excitement could be heard outside when the children realised their little pig in the house was getting wet from the water, or the straw houses were blown down.


In Reception, children have been encouraged to use some newly delivered outside equipment to build their own climbing equipment in order for them to climb, balance and take safe, managed risks as per the Curiosity Approach and the use of large loose parts. What a fantastic time the children had, as well as developing their gross motor skills and communication skills!

In DT, Year 1 and Year 2 are learning about how to create freestanding structures. We discussed some topic based vocabulary such as ‘freestanding, structure, material, centre of gravity, and join’ as well as appraising our favourite type of playground equipment. Many children reflected upon the joy of using the new park equipment at Green Lane! Using matchsticks, lollipop sticks, blu tack and other junk modelling, the children set about learning how to join and experimenting with the equipment they had. It was tricky, using their fine motor skills to select, cut, join etc… but the children demonstrated very good resilience and perseverance!

During our Reflection Assembly this week, we thought about things that had challenged us.

“I’ve found the maths really hard this week because exchanging is hard to remember but I kept trying.”

“I found building the straw house challenging becuase it wouldn’t stay up!”

“I have been challenged by the digraphs in phonics but now I know some!”

And this week, our special certificate goes to someone for ‘Reach;’ for always trying her best in everything. Well done to…

W/C 16th November

This week has been a very busy, productive week. We have been busy learning about the artist and potter Kate Malone, and this week have used our inspiration from Kate Malone’s work to decorate our own clay pots/ jugs using colours and patterns. In Maths we have been learning how to add and subtract along a number line, using column method and moving onto exchanging within subtraction too. Reception have been busy exploring one more and one less of a given number under 10. In Talk for Writing, we have been innovating the story of Stubby, with a new animal character using substitution. Some beautiful examples of some creative innovations- well done in particular to Joshua and Alfie who have worked particularly hard at this, this week. In Science, we have been exploring Materials and their properties. We have been on a material hunt and explore the properties of each material. We really loved working in a small group to compose our own songs about materials and their properties! Reception have been following their interest about bugs and insects. No leaf or rock has been unturned as the children took immense pleasure in hunting for bugs and beasties. They recorded their findings mathematically using marks and have drawn some beautiful sketches of their findings. Well done Reception!



And our special certificate goes to someone who is always reaching to do the best they can, always working really hard so very well done to…

W/C 9th November

We have had another very busy, fantastic week this week. We have been very attentive and focused when learning about Remembrance Day and the importance of remembering and showing respect to all people and animals who have lived through times of war and conflict. The children have learnt about how animals were used in the war, such as the homing pigeons to carry coded messages, the horses to go to war and the circus animals such as the camels and the elephants who took on farming duties to keep food available. We talked about how it was a significant effort for all involved in a special Remembrance Day assembly. We have linked our learning in Talk for Writing about warning tales to a children’s picture book called ‘Stubby, a True Tale of Friendship,’ which depicts a young soldier and a stray dog who make a strong friendship as they travel to the trenches of World War 1. The children learnt how poppies grew in the fields following the end of the war, and we talked about the meaning and representations of the different coloured poppies. We then made our own ‘poppy pole; with every making their own poppy, choosing the colour of their poppy. We displayed this at out gate for our parents and grown ups to appreciate too. We listened carefully to the last post in our assembly based on listening and appraising, and a lot of us felt very moved by the significant of the bugle call. It has been a very enriching week.










And this week our special certificate goes to someone who has been working really hard, especially in phonics. Well done to…


W/C 2nd November

We have had a fabulous first week back with lots of creative learning. The children have been superstars as we explored shape poetry. We learned the principles of writing a shape poem as well as some new vocabulary- discovering new words such as hint, season, midnight and rich. We applied all of our learning to write our own beautiful shape poems based around woodland animals. We made an Autumn leaf picture, as a background to our poem too! In Maths, we have been busy learning addition methods and used equipment such as tens frames to help us work out the answer, with year 2 beginning to use the column method. In history this week, we have been learning all about how animals helped in the First World War, learning about how homing pigeons carried coded messages to allies, and how horses were courageous soldiers too. Reception have had a very busy week learning about how their families are similar and different other families. They also explored the festival of bonfire night and made an explosive, large scale painting of fireworks using paint and the bikes! What a busy week, filled with lots of exciting learning!


This week we have elected new year group councillors to be part of the School Council.

We are proud to announce our representatives for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are Phoebe, Ruby and Joshua!

During our Reflection Assembly this week, we thought carefully about something we had learnt, what we had particularly enjoyed and the new vocabulary we had learnt- with their associated meanings.


And, our special certificate this week goes to someone who has had a fantastic week and been very respectful to all. Well done to…

W/C 19th October

This week we have had a busy week writing our own instructions. We applied all of our learning in Talk for Writing to ensure we wrote a clear and concise set of instructions. Fantastic work everyone! We have also been learning how to make observations of dried sunflowers. Reception children took great delight in dissecting a sunflower head and exploring the seeds within using tongs. Great work observing and understanding the world!

And this week, our special certificate goes to…

W/C 12th October

This week, during outside learning we linked in with our PSHE session about gratitude, talking about Harvest and being grateful for the food we have.  This led on to identifying nuts and berries that can be found in hedges and forests at this time of year.  In a previous session we were identifying different types of leaves.  So we brought this all together and made some garland decorations for the Harvest Festival.

On Friday, we also enjoyed a socially distanced Harvest Festival. We listened to an assembly from Rev. Nick Garrad via the internet. We also congregated on the field and enjoyed performing and recording our Harvest songs. Thank you to everyone who have donated to our Harvest collection. Your donations shall be taken to Food Bank in Norwich. Please enjoy the songs below!





And our special certificate this week goes to…

W/C 5th October

This week in Geography, we have had some exciting hands on learning as we have been learning about Dairy Farms in Devon and in Norfolk. We have learnt about the different dairy products made on a farm and learn how to make our very own cheese sandwich! These were ‘absolutely delicious’ being reported as ‘the best we have ever tasted!’


This week, special certificate goes to someone who has used the value of ‘Reach’ to really try his hardest in all of his maths lessons, and his hot write wishing tale was an absolute joy to read! Very well done to…



W/C 28th September

This week, we have been working hard to learn how to innovate a text using substitution. Continuing with our model text ‘Avocado Baby,’ we changed the characters and the healthy food item. Great effort everyone! See the photo below of Reception’s innovated text map. Linking of Talk for Writing with Talk for Reading, this week we have been exploring character thoughts and feelings and hunting for clues in the text which suggest a character is feeling a particular emotion- this was great fun and we were very excited to explore the text in this way! We finished the week with our last Talk for Reading session being a class debate about whether we think the Avocado Baby is a Boy or  Girl, or either. There were some interesting ideas about whether girls can be stronger than boys, and whether boys eat healthier than girls and so on. We enjoyed our class debate and collected our thoughts together on a shared writing piece. In Science, KS1 have been learning about Forces and this week have been exploring how we use push and pull in every day activities. Geography led us to explore different features of a dairy farm using vocabulary such as pastures, herd, milking parlour and raw milk. In Reception, we have had a very busy week, making and creating and really conversing well with our new friends- it has been wonderful to see the children access the resources with more independence as their knowledge, confidence and memory of our beautiful learning environment develops. Well done everyone!





And our special certificate this week goes to someone who has demonstrated our school value of ‘Reach’ trying so hard in everything and never giving up. Very well done to…



W/C 21st September

This week we have immersed ourselves in oral story telling as we have started our topic of ‘Wishing Tales’ in Talk for Writing. We have been rehearsing the model text, taken from the book ‘Avocado Baby’ by John Burningham using the class text map and actions! We have been using lots of new, adventurous vocabulary and learning the meanings of these new words. During Talk for Reading, we have been learning how to synthesize key events in a story, using this focus text.


And our special certificate this week goes to someone who has been reaching to join in everything, and really letting us get to know his personality. Well done to…


W/C 16th September

This week we have explored, through our Jigsaw programme, the importance of belonging to a group, and feeling safe and secure. We talked about how we all belong to Moonbeams Class! We read several space themed stories such as Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy and Little Rocket’s Special Star by Julie Sykes. Together, we collaged a beautiful Moon for our classroom wall. It is also shown at the top of our Class Blog page!

And, our special certificate this week is for reaching to try her best in reading! Well done to…


W/C 7th September

This week we have been delighted to welcome our pupils in year 1 and 2 along with our new starters in Reception. It has been a busy week getting to know each other, making new friends, learning new routines and exploring our classroom! Please take a look at the photos below to see a selection of invitations to learn on offer this week.


We have been reflecting on our learning of our first week. We decided that we all felt very proud of ourselves for settling so well back into school, feeling happy in our school and making new friends. This week, our certificate goes to everyone in Moonbeams Class for settling into school so well!



Comet class is a mixed Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 class. Our teachers are Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Sinclair and and our teaching assistants are Miss Palmer and Mrs Carter. We also have Mrs Wands teach us for Outdoor Learning.

In Comet class, we are working incredibly hard to become independent learners who are resilient and resourceful. We all want to make progress in our learning and are trying to work to the best of our ability in all areas of school life. We are learning to be respectful of others and work collaboratively as part of our class community.

We enjoy our time at school and like to ask questions about what we are learning. Our world is a fascinating place and we enjoy exploring it!

W/c 14.12.20

What a week filled with Christmas cheer! This week saw a virtual visit from Santa, a virtual panto, the Christmas lunch and many Christmas crafts! Thank you to FORMS for helping to provide the children with lots of lovely activities.

Comets have worked hard this term to fill up their pasta jar and they earned their class reward. We used masking tape, a canvas and paint to either create modern abstract art or a festive window scene. They loved the satisfaction of pealing off the masking tape to revel their masterpiece!


This week our Rockland star of the week certificate went to Rafa for REACHING high in classroom discussions. Rafa always gives thoughtful contributions:

Thank you for the Christmas wishes, card and gifts – they are hugely appreciated. Have a restful break and we look forward to seeing the children back in January.

w/c 7.12.20

Christmas fun has started in Comets! Well done everyone on your great effort in our ‘Santa Dash’ today – 10 minutes of non-stop running, with your festive wares!

The resilience demonstrated in our sewing lessons has also been commendable! The decorations look fantastic on our tree and you are all able to evaluate your products and discuss new technical terms, such as embellishments, wadding, applique and blanket stitch:

We will be basing our next hot-write on instructions and how to make a felt Christmas decoration. This hands on experience will really help the children.

Next week, we have more exciting Christmas activities planned with a virtual panto, Christmas clothes day (Thursday) and a Christmas Crafts morning. The class have also nearly earned all their ‘pasta in a jar’. The class reward will be to create an artwork on canvas.

Well done to our Rockland star, who was Miley this week, for demonstrating great resilience in her maths work on area.

w/c 30.11.20


Year 3 and 4 have been working hard on multiplication and division by 4, 6 and 8 this week. They are getting really confident at representing their answers in different ways:

They have been practising their times tables using TT rockstars – remember to encourage your children to log-in to this at home too:

The children having been exploring the musical instruments and rhythm with Mrs Lloyd this week, which they really enjoyed:

In English, the children have been writing their own ‘I wish..’ poems based on their experiences of lockdown. We have discussed what makes engaging performance poetry and some of the children bravely performed their poems to the class:

This week’s Rockland ‘R’ certificate winner was Hayden for ‘Reaching’ high in maths and English – super confidence shown! Hayden also received his silver Dojo badge and Emily in Year 3 earned her bronze – well done to you both.

In French, Amelia was awarded the most coveted ‘Linguist of the week’ accolade for super translations in our French book, based on the Rigolo characters. Keep up the great work everyone. Christmas is approaching and we have lots of fun activities planned for the last few days of term!

W/c 23.11.20

Comet class were fully engaged with their mathematical challenges this week. Either working in pairs or independently; the children explored place-value, addition and code-breaking!

In English, the class have moved onto a poetry unit. It is based on Pie Corbett’s (the founder of Talk for Writing) poem ‘I wish..’ and focuses on appreciating the simple things during lockdown. We have been discussing alliteration, similes and personification – ask your child if they can tell you what these mean and if they can give you an example of each.

The class have started to create their felt Christmas decorations in DT; here is Emily with her heart:


They are learning about embellishments, creating templates using on-line software, blanket stitching and using wadding.

Finally, in PSHCE this week we have been discussing bullying, what constitutes bullying and where to go for help. We read out different scenarios to decide if it was bullying or not and cast our votes by standing in different parts of the room:


Well done to Warren who has worked hard all this week and received the Rockland certificate for Reach. Warren has improved his spelling test score and has been explaining mathematical definitions to the class. He also received his bronze Dojo star:



W/C 16.11.20

Well done Comets on completing your Suspense tales this week in English. It’s lovely to see how well you are listening, in order to meet your targets. You are using fronted adverbials to tell the reader where, how or when something happened and lots of you are also using subordinating clauses to extend your sentences and add more detail. We have some great examples of your worked typed-up and hand-written, displayed in the classroom.

In maths, the children have either been working on their 3 times-tables and division facts, the inverse, perimeter, multiples, factors or fractions this week. There has been lots of super learning and explaining of their learning to the class, using the correct vocabulary!

It was great fun to see the odd sock combinations today, in support of celebrating differences and anti-bullying week:

The children also designed their own anti-racism ribbon in PSHCE.


During French this week, the children have been practising asking how old someone is and telling someone their age- they are really enjoying the interactive games on Rigolo:

The children continue to do well in their spelling tests, thank you for the support at home with this:

This week’s Rockland Values certificate winner was Jacob, for demonstrating resourcefulness. Jacob is very good at transferring the knowledge he has gained in one lesson to use it in another lesson:

The children are excited to start making their felt Christmas tree decorations. If they want to being in any embellishments next week that they may have at home (such as buttons, mini pom-poms, scrap felt pieces/fabric) they are welcome to do so and we will follow the quarantine rules to ensure the items are Covid secure.

W/c 09.11.20

In English, the children have worked hard on their innovations of the model text this week. We look forward to reading their own suspense tales next week. The Year 3 and 4 pupils have been focussing on fronted adverbials and the Year 5 and 6s have been looking at subordinating clauses and subordinating conjunctions – using the acronym – I SAW A WABUB!

In maths, the children are really improving their column addition and subtraction skills and some children have been using the inverse to solve problems. There has been an improvement in all spelling groups this week – well done Comets!

During RE lessons, we are looking at Islam this half-term. The children have learnt about the 5 pillars of Islam and we focussed on salah or prayer this week. We watched a video on the prayer rituals and tried to follow them. Here are the children pretending to wash their forearms:


The pupils have really been enjoying their outdoor learning sessions with Mrs Wands. Here is a flavour of what they have been up to so far (please click on the blue link below:

Comets – Autumn 1

In French, we have been using Kim’s game to remember classroom objects and colours – it has been great fun! Can your child tell you the colour and objects in their pencil case or school bag?

This week’s R certificate winner is Lewie for demonstrating improved Respect – well done Lewie!

W/c 02.11.20

Welcome back to the second half of our autumn term – we hope you had a lovely break. The children are settling back into the routines well.

This week, the children have been carrying out a maths investigation using their knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication. All the children worked hard on this and Sam was very proud of his solution:

We have also been discussing bar modelling in maths – ask your child how this can help us solve problems.

This week, we have also appointed new school council members; one for each year group. The class listened to the candidates, then cast their votes. It was a close call… but our members are: Tilly (Year 6), Milo (Year 5), Ruby (Year 4) and Charlie (Year 3). Well done councillors!

Our Rockland Star of the week goes to Amber for demonstrating great Reach in maths and always being Respectful:

Lastly, in our ‘reflection on learning’ assembly – Macy and Mika discussed their work. Macy said she enjoyed French the most this week as ‘colouring in the objects was fun and I learnt new words’. Mika thought that the ‘maths investigation was challenging’ this week.

Another great week of learning – keep it up Comets!

Week 5

It has been another busy week in Comet class as we have been celebrating all things Harvest! Thank you for the kind donations for the Norwich food bank, we are continuing to take food items until Wednesday morning.

In Talk for Writing, the children have written a class and individual poem based on harvest time. Ask your child if they can explain what alliteration and assonance are. We performed our class poem to Moonbeam class and Moonbeams sang beautiful harvest songs for us – complete with actions! We hope to share a video of Comet class reciting their poem shortly. For now, here is a photo of the class ready to perform:

In Science, we have been learning about electricity. We have planned and carried out our own investigations to test out our own ideas. We wanted to find out if adding more batteries would make a light bulb shine brighter or if adding more bulbs would make it brighter. After testing our results, we have discovered that adding more batteries makes it brighter until a certain point, then it stops working all together! Adding more bulbs actually makes it duller and duller until the light can barely be seen because the power from one battery is trying to light all of the bulbs and there just isn’t enough.

October is black history month. We have discussed why we celebrate this, during assembly time and we have looked at important black people from the past and from today. The children were very keen to contribute to the discussions:

This week’s Rockland values certificate winner is Emily, for demonstrating REACH in all areas of the curriculum. Emily approaches all of her work with a positive attitude and is a great listener:

Finally, the children have been sent home with logins and passwords for Times Tables Rockstars online. This is a fantastic website to practise multiplication and division. The children now have 3 times tables sessions a week and the practice at home will really make a difference. Certificates will be awarded to those who are putting in the most effort.

Children should continue to practise their spellings at home, weekly,  in their orange books and these should be returned every Friday. Many thanks for your continued support.


Week 4

Here we are again – another Friday. The children have been learning all about persuasive writing in English – ask them why flattery can be a useful tool!

In maths, the Year 3s have been working hard on subtraction using a number line and they are progressing onto formal column subtraction methods – well done Year 3:


Mr Gildersleeve and his sister have very generously donated each class some money from selling plants. We have purchased new games and art materials for the children to use during class reward time. Here are some photos of the pupils enjoying the new items:


This week’s Rockland Value certificate winner is Sam for showing great resilience across all curriculum areas:


Week 3

It’s been another busy week in Comet class!

In English, the children have been ‘innovating’ the model text – ask your child what this means! It has been great to see the pupils use adventurous vocabulary and really think about the character’s thoughts and feelings.

We have been learning about Roman numerals in maths. If your child spots any at home or whilst out and about please send in a photo to the office. We are making a display of them. The children will be awarded Dojos for their efforts. Here is what Ethan M spotted at home:

In French this week we have been learning a song to help us to remember different greetings – we will continue to practice it and we will hopefully share it with you on here! Our PSHCE lesson this week focussed on basic human needs and what we need to flourish. Using our knowledge gained from last week’s lesson we discussed whether children who farm cocoa pods in Ghana have these needs met:

Ethan F was our Rockland Star certificate winner this week. He received it for demonstrating excellent REACH during English. Ethan proudly shared his story with the class too – well done Ethan!

We have been impressed with the children’s commitment to their spellings; many Dojos were awarded for their spelling homework. We had a super set of results for the first week’s test. Keep it up Comet class and remember to bring in your orange spelling books every Friday.

Autumn week 2

This week the children have worked incredibly hard on their first ‘Talk For Writing’ topic in English, based on a finding tale. The children have also been revising their place value knowledge in maths. During PSHCE the pupils have learnt about universal children’s rights but that unfortunately not all children in the world have these rights met. We have also discussed what our goals are for the coming year and these are proudly displayed in our class room.

This week our ‘R’ certificate winner was Hannah for demonstrating RESPECT at all times to everyone:

Well done Comet class on another busy week of learning!

Autumn week 1

Well done Comet class on your first week back! You have settled well with the new routines and have welcomed our new members. The children have already been experimenting with circuits in their electricity topic and learning about street artist Keith Haring. Here are some of the children exploring Keith Haring’s style:

Mika was our first Rockland Star of the week for demonstrating our value of Respect:

Spellings will be given out on Fridays to be learnt at home. they will then be tested the following Friday. This will start next week. Have a restful weekend Comets are all your hard work!

We had a wonderful few days away at Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk. The weather was kind to us and the children showed grit and determination when challenging themselves. A variety of activities were experienced: abseiling, zip-wire, aero-ball, archery, fencing, giant swing, trapeze, buggy building, night ambush games and a disco. The giant swing seemed to be the highlight! We are sure memories were made that will last a lifetime.




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