The Sapientia Education Trust is currently undertaking a consultation regarding a change to the Early Years provision at Rockland St. Mary Primary School.


Consultation overview

The current providers of Early Years provision at Rockland St. Mary Primary School, Sunbeams Pre-school, have notified us that they will no longer be able to provide that service from the end of the Summer term, 2021.

In response to this, the Sapientia Education Trust is proposing to take over the running of the Early Years provision at the school from September 2021.

This proposal will ensure that the Early Years provision continues on site in its current purpose-built location, providing continued access to this valuable educational resource.

As part of this proposed change, we are required to undertake a consultation with all stakeholders.


Consultation timeline

The consultation with last for four weeks from the start of the summer academic term.

Upon completion of the consultation, the responses will be compiled and published on the school website within three weeks.

Consultation Start                                                                   12th April 2021

Public Meeting                                                                        20th April 2021 5pm

End of consultation                                                                 10th May 2021

Consultation Report Published                                               31st May 2021


How to comment on the consultation

You can respond to the consultation via email or post. To comment via email, send your response to:


Public Meeting

During the consultation period we will undertake an online public meeting which will allow stakeholder further opportunity to ask questions regarding the proposal.

This meeting will take place on Zoom in light of the current requirements for social distancing. If you wish to attend, please contact the school office by phone or email and log-on details will be made available.


Publishing the report

The consultation report will be published by the 31st of May on the school website.

Further information and access to the Consultation Report when published, please contact the school office or visit this page where a copy will be available.

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